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FHIR 101

Missed our webinar? No worries, we have you covered

Perhaps over the holiday break, as you enjoy time with family and friends, your mind wandered to the problems you confront day-to-day at work. You have big ideas and want to solve big problems, but the realities of healthcare data confound you constantly.

“I wish I could connect to my customer’s EHR.”

“I want a complete picture of my patient’s full medical history.”

“I am confounded by how to store or structure healthcare data.”

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We come to you like Prometheus from Olympus, bringing the magic (FHIR) of the gods (HL7) down to earth. With FHIR, we offer a beacon of hope, a tool designed to simplify the complexities of healthcare data exchange.

Bombastic metaphors and hyperbole aside, we wanted to share this recording of our recent webinar that explains FHIR from the bottom up, tackling:

  • Data formats

  • The reason for data standards

  • Healthcare standards

  • APIs

  • The strengths and weaknesses of FHIR

  • FHIR by use case

FHIR will not solve all problems. It is a tool in the toolbox alongside many others. But by understanding it at a basic, foundational level, you’ll start to understand when it’s most common, powerful, and useful. We hope you enjoy.

You can find the full presentation here, with our recommended FHIR resources repeated here:

Brendan Keeler